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Countries of the global South can make strides at reducing poverty and attaining food security if value chains are developed through their agricultural sectors and climate change preparedness is prom...more
Foot and Mouth disease is known to be one of the most contagious viral ailments ever known in animals. This illness is widespread among livestock and it is responsible for important production losses...more
The countries of the South have established themselves as indispensable participants in the global socioeconomic arena. Despite worldwide market volatility, South-South foreign direct investment is i...more
Research institutions from Argentina, Bolivia and Peru came together to share experiences on camelid fiber production, certification and marketing through a series of three workshops and applied proj...more
The first follow-up activity under the “Capacity Development in Management of South-South and Triangular Cooperation Project”, facilitated by the Brazil Cooperation Agency (ABC) in the Ministry of Ex...more
New York – In an extraordinary show of support for the Paris climate agreement adopted December 2015, 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement at a ceremony at UN Headquarters today, far exceedi...more
Government Ministers, Business Leaders and Experts Will Spotlight Southern-Grown Solutions and Cooperation Opportunities Toward Attaining the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development    ...more
Delegates Meet to Exchange South-South Knowledge on Livestock Development Algiers – Investing in sustainable livestock development can contribute not only to food security but also to the fight again...more
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced today the designation of Jorge Chediek of Argentina as his Envoy on South-South Cooperation. Since October 2015, Mr. Chediek has been the Direct...more
"The growing trend among Southern countries to look not only to reducing poverty within their own borders but also to raise the development prospects of other developing countries is exhibited across a range of countries, including strong emerging economies and other South-South pivotal countries."
Ban Ki-moon
United Nations
"Developmentally-focused South-South flows of finance, technology, and know-how must be recognized and further encouraged as an increasingly important dimension of development co-operation."
Helen Clark
United Nations Development Programme

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solutions bank
Songhai is an innovative Institution, an integrated system of development which is quite a unique one. It is not just the usual training, technology transfer or production model. ...more
UNDP entered into a co-financing agreement with the Peoples ... more
Progresa/Oportunidades is a conditional cash... more
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In an extraordinary show of support for the Paris climate agreement adopted December 2015, 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement ...more
Despite ongoing challenges, developing countries... more
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