Solution Forum 2 - Clean Technologies for Green Industry
Clean Technologies for Green Industry

Brief Description

UNIDO’s Green Industry Initiative was launched in 2008 as a sectoral strategy for achieving Green Economy and Green Growth in the manufacturing and related productive sectors. Green Industry endeavours to decouple economic growth from increased use of natural resources (resource decoupling) and aggravated environmental impacts (impact decoupling). It provides a two-pronged approach, targeting the ‘greening of industries’ to achieve an ongoing basis, reductions in the use of natural resources and of the generation of waste and pollution in any business and secondly, the creation of ‘green industries’ to supply high quality environmental goods and services.[1]


Innovation, research & development and diffusion of clean technologies play a vital role in realising this vision, allowing industry to move towards more sustainable patterns of production and economic growth.


Solutions Forum II: Clean Technologies for Green Industry is an important part of UNIDO’s overall contribution to the Global South South Development Expo 2013. It focuses on showcasing clean technology solutions that have been successfully implemented in developing countries, emphasizing Southern-grown technologies, as well as South-South, North-South-South triangular, and PPP modalities.

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Expected Outcomes

Solution Forum 2 will showcase different clean technologies for Green Industries in developing countries along with issues central to their deployment


Expected Solutions to be showcased

Clean technologies for Green Industry include those which help alleviate the pressure on already-scarce resources such as water, materials and fuels, contribute to mitigation and adaptation to climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy and non-energy sources and at the enterprise-level, better environmental management and industrial and chemical safety. They include technologies in the fields of energy efficiency, alternative and renewable energy, the 3Rs, new materials, chemicals management, water treatment and conservation.


Target Audience

The event is expected to attract around 200 participants from government, international/ donor organizations, private sector, academia and NGOs.



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[1] For more information about the Green Industry initiative please see, UNIDO (2011) UNIDO Green Industry Initiative for Sustainable Industrial Development